Cynthia Hatton
Chief Information Officer

Delivering substantial cost savings, cultural transformation and enhanced technical system security and compliance have been key outcomes of a successful career in IT leadership. Known for delivering effective solutions to operational challenges and generating a lasting impact on business growth and success. A passion has emerged in a commitment to pushing boundaries with data solutions to drive performance, and the effectiveness of Global 2,000 and Fortune 500 companies.


  • Steadily revolutionizing infrastructure design and delivery, while driving change, advancing maturity, promoting operational seamlessness, and enhancing user experience.
  • Exceptional record leading teams of thousands of internationally dispersed data and software professionals.
  • Coined a Subject Matter Expert in technical compliance.
  • Delivered keynote speeches at top industry events, authored whitepapers that moved the status quo and resulted in a strong trail of seasoned mentees.
  • Deep interest in the future of data, making the CIO role the desired next stop of this progressive career in technology.