Nicholas White

Entrepreneurially-Minded Global Marketing Executive

Developing Cutting-Edge Digital Strategies to Build Brands that Gain a Competitive Advantage

A deeply committed marketing strategist with extensive experience spearheading digital marketing campaigns on a global scale. Pioneered cutting-edge, third-party marketing tactics earlier in career that are now used industry-wide. Excel in aligning customer needs with product value through insightful brand strategy and market intelligence.

A collaborative leader who can bring value to any marketing team by:

• Building B2B and B2C digital marketing programs for global corporate brands.

• Driving customer acquisition and pipeline expansion with inventive go-to-market campaigns that fuel field sales and channel partner demand.

• Scaling marketing efforts through compelling leadership of remote teams, fostering cross-functional collaborations, and rigorous project management practices.


Jul 2022 – Jul 2023

Marketing Strategist

Represented the voice of the customer (VoC) in shaping the product strategy, positioning, and messaging for Microsoft Viva. Focused on acquiring, retaining, and upselling to over 1K enterprise targets worldwide. Oversaw the seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled graph application program interfaces (APIs), collaborating with over 50 global systems integrator (SI) and independent software vendor (ISV) partners. Spearheaded category-defining research that guided Modern Work product’s go-to-market and field sales strategies.

Jan 2022 – Apr 2022


Established foundational marketing operations processes and formulated go-to-market strategies. Implemented a product feedback collection and improvement process and a multi-faceted channel strategy encompassing organic growth. Oversaw development of marketing-qualified lead (MQL) and sales-qualified lead (SQL) acquisition, nurturing, and retention flywheels, laying a robust foundation for customer relationship management (CRM).

Apr 2008 – Sep 2021

Partner & General Manager

Founder and lead partner in an account-based B2B digital marketing agency. Combined product and market intelligence with content-centric go-to-market campaigns to deliver brand strategy, pipeline growth and customer acquisition for Fortune 500 firms and SMBs. Operated globally, spanning NA, LatAm, AP, and Europe.

Mar 2015 – Jul 2020


Conceived and launched the Silkworm brand through Ivy Worldwide and drove growth to independent financial viability. Planned and executed B2C growth strategies, digital content campaigns, and channel sales. Spun off company as its own entity after 2-year incubation with 20+ client portfolio.

Dec 2003 – Apr 2008

Sr Product Marketing Manager

Charged to deliver adoption of multilingual content and third-party advocacy for Windows OS. Launched and scaled Windows product blog to 9M readers/month, resulting in the highest-trafficked corporate blog at that time.


Founded B2B and B2C marketing agency startups, scaling to serve Fortune 500 clientele.


Pioneered third-party demand generation techniques, as recognized by the Association of National Advertisers, Aberdeen Strategy & Research, Forbes, and the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association.

Illustrated the behavioral revolution in customer purchase lifecycle in Social Media Judo.


Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Integrated Digital Marketing Plans

Go-to-Market Strategy

Channel Marketing

Product Marketing

Business Development

Data Analytics

Demand Generation Techniques

Customer Acquisition

Event Management

Marketing Strategy Development for Startups

Content Creation

Hiring and Training Global Staff


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Marketing and Finance

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
English Literature and Expository Writing
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Spanish Language and Literature

Q & A

Why did you choose your profession?

I fell into being a marketer through a combination of luck and circumstance. I’ve been working since I was 10, from babysitting and mowing lawns with my brother to running multiple paper routes and working in retail and dining. Through those experiences, I quickly realized that customer service was paramount. Still, beyond being a decent communicator and natural leader, I knew I was out of my depth when bringing a product or service to market.

After undergrad and a stint in Mexico, I’d planned to teach, but the dotcom 1.0 revolution was underway and swept me along. I rode along, fascinated by new communications technologies and buying patterns that made the world just a tiny bit smaller. I went to grad school to develop my business acumen and learn more sophisticated ways of analyzing and executing business opportunities. From there, I went to Microsoft for five years and conceived a business plan with counterparts from other companies, and I’ve been an unrepentant entrepreneur ever since. At least in that sense, being a businessperson chose me as much as the other way around – it was always there beneath the surface, waiting for me to take the plunge.

Who are your main influences?

I try not to pattern myself after celebrities or household names, as they invariably disappoint in some fashion – and we never really know these people in any meaningful sense, anyhow. My inspiration comes from my family and friends – people I know well, identify with and can access. Numerous co-workers have quite unpredictably become lifelong friends. Getting to know and understand these people fundamentally and experiencing a unique kinship with them makes our trips around the Sun worthwhile.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest professional accomplishment is hiring good people. This started in my Microsoft tenure but bore fruit when I became an entrepreneur and job-creator, a position I assumed in creating my first marketing agency, Ivy Worldwide. Some of the people I hired and managed became senior leaders at well-known global brands or business owners in their own right. Indeed, in time, Ivy expanded to include a spin-off, Silkworm Social, run by a couple of Ivy colleagues with the intention to set out and run their own business. Silkworm has grown in its 7-year existence to become a successful boutique marketing consultancy, and its proprietors are pursuing their dreams as entrepreneurs. I’m immensely proud of having played a role in numerous colleagues’ forging their path toward self-fulfillment.

What tools do you use?

I’ve come to rely on ChatGPT quite a bit to conduct research, summarize multiple data sources, and create diagrams and images that better convey my thoughts than text can offer.

To stay up-to-date on tools of the trade, I rely on Dan McGaw’s site,, as he’s always a great resource for what’s proven effective in marketing technology (MarTech).

For data analysis, I rely largely on Excel, with Google Analytics, Amplitude, and Hotjar each playing a role.

The SEO/SEM tools I use are Ahrefs and Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. The CMS platforms I use most are WordPress, HubSpot, and Contentful. For CRM, Salesforce is my go-to, while Marketo and Mailchimp are the email marketing tools I prefer. Segment is my standby for managing syntax differences and integration among all these tools.

Besides that, search engines and the typical desktop productivity and messaging software are daily ingredients to my work. Wikipedia is a great resource and speaks to the wisdom of crowds. After all, I’ve patterned my entire career on building community and affinity through special interest groups.

​While not a tool per se, I look to Reddit quite often to engage in discussion across all manner of topics and to gauge general sentiment toward a given subject – it’s a form of primary research that is discreet but still offers plenty of depth.

What advice would you give someone just starting in your profession?

The most important thing to remember is that companies and roles come and go, but your reputation and the value of your word are ultimately your most important assets. No one knows where their career path will take them, and you can only expect the unexpected to come your way. Change will be constant and should be welcomed as opportunities emerge at the margins, which are otherwise interpreted as points of friction. Know what you know and what you don’t, and don’t be deterred by not knowing, as that can always be remedied. It is difficult to create a name for oneself and very easy to dilute the power of your brand unwittingly. Remember that as you meet new people and cross paths again with past acquaintances. Your reputation will always precede you, so protect it.

Interests & Hobbies

World Languages

Music Performance



Steve Patti, CMO & Strategic Advisor

Nick and his team at Ivy are doing some cool stuff that is not “social media” — but real, measurable traffic & lead generation as part of a paid/owned/earned media strategy.


Scott Ballantyne, VP, Hewlett-Packard Corp

Do you want to know how to use disruptive marketing at its best to drive sales while giving your competitors serious heartburn? We used the principles in Nick’s book to create a long string of successful campaigns for HP, including the groundbreaking ’31 Days of the Dragon’ program that re-wrote the rules for what is possible for social media marketing.


Bruce Shaw, Executive Director, Lenovo

Nick’s book should be mandatory reading for any marketer looking to boost ROI and tap into the power of social media. His team used the concepts in his book to drive B2B programs that delivered ROI on several levels, the most important being leads and sales. Now, I cannot envision creating a campaign without identifying and using the ‘judo moves’ described.